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LANY AGENCY connects creative talents and entrepreneurs with the right institutions or resources by supporting them to realize new projects, goals and dreams. 


"Litera scripta manet" The written word remains. That's the motto of all creatives dedicated to keep their thoughts and vision on paper. From journalists to novel writers, we support our team by searching an individual pool for them and their ideas.


"Design has always a clear path" Bold and pretty brave, designers have no doubt what they want to show to the world. Even in projects containing a bigger team, they know how to transport their view on the final vision.


"The distance between dreams and reality is called action." Directors know this better than anyone. As true leaders they guide teams and projects to the finishing line and even above. The wide screen is their true passion and purpose.


"Art is hidden in your heart" Our artists live between the colors, structures and far beyond the frames of conservatism. Gifted with extraordinary imagination, our paintresses and digital artists see the world in a magnificent way.


"There are two ways: either you play the role or you simply become the role." However which method our actors, performers or singers choose, every single one is dedicated to reach their full potential. Simply because the stage is their home.


"Every project needs proper coordination" As hyper dedicated experts producers, photographers and content creators can manage every detail and communicate important steps till the fulfillment of the final goal.


We know how the first impression looks like, in one word:

YES: we are definitely not focused in just one commercial area,
because we prefer to work with renaissance talents. They are special enough and clearly an own target audience as well.

In a fast changing world this talents are capable of having a meta
overview and create from within to transport deep and important
messages. We are clearly conscious about the fact that generalists
are the future and rare diamonds which need the right polishing
to make them visible on the market.

That for our main purpose is to connect our talents with experts
who can help them unlock their full potential and support them
to capitalize their own resources.


Writer - HUMORIST - Actress - Artist - Designer - director

Eva A. Kol

Cross-cultural bulgarian, humoristic storyteller mixed up with satirical views on controversial, psychological and transcendental topics. Visual conceptionist, scriptwriter and creative director for commercials.

based in Vienna / Austria

Writer - journalist - Editor - lector - Artist

Gudrun Angerer

Highly critical, philosophical wording, surrounded by journalistic experiences and personal stories. Newspaper editor, various ghost writer publishings and freelance lector.

based in Vienna / Austria

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